Terms and Conditions

For product designers, UX/UI designers, and designers in general, we created NEUE STORE. This is a new vertical under NEUE WORLD. We observed the problem in finding high-quality assets at fair costs. We have taken the decision to open our own store to the public. Our agency is tiny yet expanding. By purchasing any of the assets that we have listed, you automatically accept the terms of our license; it would be highly appreciated if you could abide by it.

NEUE STORE disclaims all liability for any consequences that may arise from the use of our resources. Any projects you develop utilizing NEUE STORE goods are not obliged to mention or connect to NEUE STORE

Standard Commercial Licence

You are given a non-exclusive, global right to use the goods you bought from our website under our Standard Commercial License. Additionally, the Standard License terms apply to any free product you have downloaded from our website. Small enterprises, independent contractors, and students are the target market for this license. Additionally, the Commercial License enables you to utilize downloaded assets for commercial projects like customized work for a client, firm internal uses, printed ads for the neighborhood market, digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions, and tangible products that are not for sale. Commercial License is not available, but feel free to reach out to hello@neue.world to get more information. 

Additionally, this kind of licensing permits the use of products on business social media accounts that belong to and are managed by the license customer. It is forbidden to use this kind of license to incorporate downloaded content when making finished goods for sale or when building games, native apps, or web apps. A Commercial Extended License includes this kind of license. Free downloads can only be used for personal projects, portfolio or other kinds that are affiliated only to the person downloading the samples.


You are not permitted to claim authorship of the purchased product as your own, even if you are permitted to include or utilize any neue.store products under any circumstances.

Things you can do

As an individual, you have the permission to utilize our goods in an infinite number of private endeavors. "Personal usage" indicates that you are not carrying out tasks as directed by a business or organization. As a result, you are not allowed to charge for these tasks or profit financially from them. 

On Social Media: You are allowed to use any of the products purchased under an individual, for any number of Social Accounts. As an organization, you can under it only for your organization’s Social Accounts. You are not allowed to license it under the organization and use it for clients; a separate purchase is necessary under the client’s name or client’s organization.

You may create presentation designs and publish them on websites like Behance or Dribbble, create website banners for personal portfolios, or create social media covers for your Facebook fan page using our mockups and other items. You can alter our mockups to suit your needs and use them in projects like printed brochures, portfolios, mobile applications, personal websites, and more.

Things you can't do

Reselling: Redistributing, or subleasing Even if the redistribution is free or you have modified our product, you are not permitted to sell, re-distribute, license, or sub-license our product with source files (PSD files).

Identity theft: You are never allowed to claim fraudulently that any work you have obtained from our website is your original creation (whether it is paid or freebie). You may not include our products in a free offer, redistribute them, or sell them as if they were your own.

Please get in touch with us on hello@neue.world for more information if you have any questions regarding what is or isn't permitted by our License. If it is discovered that you are using our products in violation of the provisions of the License, we won’t take any legal actions - because we are a creative agency and if we creatives don’t support each other - who will?

You cannot give our materials to any third parties or redistribute, sell, resell, lease, license, or sublicense them (even for free). This includes offering our resources as a distinct attachment from any of your work as well as uploading them to another website, online store, or media-sharing platform. You are not permitted to utilize our mockups or other products, such as website themes, templates, printed materials, and visual goods, as goods that are offered for sale. It is not allowed to allow more than one person to use materials downloaded from us to create projects for personal use. It is not permitted to use our Free Samples in Social media channels or any other broadcast media.


The License Terms may be changed or replaced at any moment, at our sole discretion. Your subsequent subscription period will start to be impacted by the License modifications. Without providing a justification, we have the right to modify the pricing structure and the resource consumption guidelines at any time.

Intellectual Property Rights

Who is the content owner?
Both NEUE STORE and the artists who created the licensed content are the owners of all of it. NEUE STORE and the content suppliers reserve all rights that are not expressly granted in this Agreement.

Do I have to give credit for the mockup?
Crediting NEUE STORE is preferred for both personal and professional use, but it is not required. 

Do I have to provide credit for the finished goods, such as dribbble, Behance, any social media platform?
No, but we wouldn’t mind if you do. 

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